2020 Exhibits

March4th - April 11th

Katharine's Birthday / Easter (1907)

During Spring and Easter of 1907, we witness little Katharine celebrating her sixth birthday. In the library you will find antique dolls, children’s games, ice cream and cake as part of a firsthand look at Katharine’s special day. A special Easter cake and cards also make this setting come alive.
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April 14th – May 23rd

Selina's Engagement (1907)

Selina Smith arrives home from her 1907 Grand Tour with special news for her family and friends. She has reached an “understanding” with Dr. John E. Osborne of Wyoming. The family gathers for Selina to announce her recent engagement and to meet the man to whom she plans to marry. Photographs (the ladies dressed in hats and furs atop camels is a favorite), postcards and other souvenirs bring the Grand Tour to our doorstep.
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May 26th – July 3rd

Selina's Wedding to Gov. John Osborne (1907)

This romantic event is held in the parlor where the drapes are drawn to highlight the newly installed electric lights. The dining room is set for their elegant high noon breakfast reception and decorated with Selina’s colors of white and yellow. Their many original gifts from the wedding may be seen in the library, while the matron of honor’s dress and the wedding party are being readied in the upstairs bedrooms for Selina’s special day.
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July 7th – Aug. 15th

Home from Washington (1914)

The Family arrives home from their trip to Washington D.C. Mr. Garrett "Katharine's father" works for the Treasury Department as a national bank examiner. Due to the nature of his work, he must travel back and forth from Washington D.C regularly. This trip however, is special as the family was invited to the weddings of President's Wilson's two daughters. Join the family as they share with friends their stories, invitations form the weddings, and items they brought back with them.
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August 18th – September 26th

Black Patch Tobacco War (1906)

Poor economic conditions and the Duke Trust have forced dark-fired tobacco farmers in Caldwell and surrounding counties to take matters into their own hands. On the night of December 1, 1906, an armed group of 250 Night Riders took over the town of Princeton and dynamited the tobacco factories. As a pall of smoke from the burning warehouses hangs over the town, Mr. Smith and Mr. Garrett are meeting at Adsmore with other community leaders to discuss the previous night’s events.
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September 29th – October 31st

Halloween Party (1905)

Step back in time with Mayme Smith Garrett, Kate Smith Williams, Selina Smith and their friends, the “Merry Maids,” who are planning a Halloween party. Unlike today’s Halloween customs, the early 1900 customs focused on romance. Play parties such as the one the young ladies are working on for Halloween were social affairs for young adults. Join the Merry Maids as they meet at Adsmore to discuss what means they might use to find out who their true love might be.
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November 3rd – December 31st

Victorian Christmas (1901)

Join little Katharine Garrett in celebrating her first Christmas at Adsmore in the winter of 1901. The house is aglow with the sights and sounds of this most joyous occasion and the parlor is adorned with a large tree under which are nestled Katharine’s many gifts. The dining room is set for the family’s Christmas dinner and the home reflects the elegance of this very special season.
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2020 Candlelight Tours

Black Patch Candlelight Tour September 12th @6:00 p.m.

Halloween Candlelight Tour October 17th @6:00 p.m

Christmas Candlelight Tour December 12th @6:00p.m

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2020 Closings

July 4th

November 25th – 26th

December 24th – 25th