A Unique Example of the Uncommon Wealth of Kentucky, Past and Present.

Come and Join Us for a Once in a Lifetime Experience!

The Adsmore Museum

Located in the heart of Princeton, Kentucky, is truly something you have to experience in person. Take a step back in time to the legacy and lifestyle of a wealthy western Kentucky family.

Imagine the Smith-Garrett family has stepped out for a moment and immerse yourself in this unparalleled interactive experience. Most of the belongings and pieces you will find in the rotating exhibits are authentic, original and once belonged to members of the original family.

Now restored to its original Victorian grandeur, come join us for a trip through this cultural time capsule. We have seven different exhibits annually, so every time you return you’ll have a different experience as you get to know the Smith-Garrett family. The Adsmore Museum is more than just a beautiful home with a fascinating history, it’s a moment frozen in time.